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Welcome to what will become a place for the variety of things I think about and want to talk about or write about (basically, the same thing for me.) This isn’t my first attempt at a blog and probably not my last… For years now, though, I haven’t bothered to start one because if I had a blog I wanted it to have a central theme. But, I’m not the type of person who can focus on one topic. I can easily write essay length messages to a friend about one topic and then in the middle of that essay length message, find a way to stumble into another essay long message (that’s in parentheses) on a very different topic. I let my consciousness have it’s way, and chill out, floating down the stream on a journey that will go many places, but usually, does loop back around to the beginning, finishing up the original thought before grabbing onto the exit ladder. That’s a lazy river analogy..for stream of consciousness writing…

This last year, though, I’ve felt like I wanted to write a lot more than I have in years and, I’ll be honest, the current political and cultural climate in the USA has been a huge theme in my thoughts, almost enough to attempt a blog about a single subject… almost.

But there came a point when I knew I should stop caring about a core theme and just write what is on my mind. Whether it’s my thoughts on the fascist movement and how enjoyable the video of Richard Spencer being punched is to watch, or about how fucking wrong everyone who hates mother! is (…not wrong…just very different tastes than me…wrong tastes…), or how I think aesthetics plays a huge role in everything we do and say. In other words, the core theme of this blog is I have opinions that I think are worth writing down.

So, please join me if you are curious about what is happening in my head, or if you want to read a post covering a piece of a large thought/set of thoughts and then wait for an unknown amount of time before I pick back up on that thought.

TOPICS TO EXPECT: Trans stuff! Political stuff! About how shitty our government currently is! Rants about Fascism, white supremacists, alt-right, whatever you want to call them! Support for Antifa! Because fascists give no fucks about reason and debating. (Source: History! And common sense + knowledge of what fascism fucking is! And this one is important: History!) , essays on specific films, directors, film theory, etc. Aesthetics! I love aesthetics. Thoughts on (my) sexual identity! Music! Specifically hip-hop because something happened to me like ten years ago and it’s basically all I listen to! Occultism! Andy Warhol! And much much more!

Next up: Who knows! Maybe thoughts about how aesthetics play a role in the words we use to define who we are! For instance, pansexual and omnisexual have the same meaning. A lot of people that I’ve come across use pansexual (when referring to themselves – meaning I’m not counting other people with a different sexual identity. What word they use doesn’t say anything about how other people define themselves! (it works that way in every direction). Personally, I use omnisexual and would prefer that were used over pan if someone were … for some reason, talking about my sexual identity, even though they mean the same thing (to me, at least). Why? I don’t know. I like the way omnisexual sounds more, it feels more like me than the word “pansexual.” I have no issues  at all with pansexual. One of them is just more aesthetically pleasing to me.


My example preview of what to come was a lot longer than intended! Don’t worry, I see an exit to the Lazy River of My Brain coming up! I’ll be back though! It’s one of my favorite rides.